shelbi laine



#5 is now 5!

Shelbi you are such a fantastic young lady.

Your laugh is contagious and you light up any room you walk in to.

It is so awesome to be your daddy.

I love the way you come running to me arms wide open, squealing with excitement whenever I come home from work.

“You give me such joy.”

Love, Daddy



Our Bowen travis turns 17 today!

Bowen is a man of quiet strength.

Honor and integrity.

Commitment and dedication.

Bowen, thank you for being you.

Know that our Father in heaven is very pleased with you.

And that your father here on this earth certainly is as well!

Your family loves you and is very grateful for who you are.

Love, Dad



Jacob Dillon turns 18 today!


That blows my mind!

What a great man you are Jacob Dillon.

You amaze us with your courage and compassion.

You have a heart for God and life and people like few others.

I am super proud of you and super proud to be your dad.

Keep doing what your doing.

You are a blessing to everyone who knows you and are certainly a blessing to the Kingdom of God!

Love, Dad

london grace


#6 turns 4 today!

Gracie you are absolutely awesome and are such a blessing to our family.

Your heart and spirit are so very deep and amazing.

You have insight beyond your years.

May love and faithfulness always characterize your life.

I am so thankful to see and be a part of what our God is doing through your life.

“You are mine to me.”

Love, DaDa

the birthday girl


Today is my absolute favorite day of the year!  Tiersa’s birthday!  It’s an event.  We build up to it for days.  Everyone’s involved.  The kids do their thing.  We collaborate.  We plan.  We strategize.  Dinner.  Presents.  Cake.  It’s a concerted, group effort.  And it’s a blast!

When it comes to “my part”, I’ve learned that slow dancing  by candlelight to “All I Want is You” by U2 is what makes her heart smile.  🙂

God is good!  He is faithful!  And today has been a fantastic day with the birthday girl!


I love that you love.  I love that you love me.  I love that you love us.  I love that you love our children.  I love that you love our family.  I love that you love God.  I love that you love others.  I love that you love our history.  I love that you love our present.  I love that you love our future.  I love that you love with your whole heart.  I love that you hold nothing back.  I love that out of 7 billion people on the planet God knew the one I wanted and needed.  I love that you love, Love.  And I love you!

“You are beautiful my Love, as Tirzah….” – Song of Solomon 6:4

Love you Love!