shelbi laine



#5 is now 5!

Shelbi you are such a fantastic young lady.

Your laugh is contagious and you light up any room you walk in to.

It is so awesome to be your daddy.

I love the way you come running to me arms wide open, squealing with excitement whenever I come home from work.

“You give me such joy.”

Love, Daddy

shelbi laine


Shelbi turns 3 today!

It’s difficult to believe.

She came into our family day two of life.

What an amazing blessing she is.

Shelbi Laine, Daddy loves you with his whole heart. I am so grateful that God has brought you into our family, and am so thankful that I will be a part of the amazing things that He will no doubt accomplish in this world through your life. God is faithful!

I love you caterpillar. 

Love, Daddy

shelbi laine



Our Shelbi Laine turns 2 today!

What an amazing blessing she is to us!

So sweet. So loving. So unashamed. So girly.

When she was an infant I would wake up early and quietly read to her from   Tolstoy’s “A Confession” thinking that she would be the quiet one. Boy was I wrong! 😉

Shelbi, you give me such joy.

I love you caterpillar.

Love, Daddy

shelbi laine reeves


What an emotional and phenomenal day!

Today, our adoption of Shelbi was finalized.

Shelbi Laine Reeves.

When the judge looked to me and asked what name she was to be given, I could hardly speak.

What an overwhelming God we serve to bring such wonder into life.

She came into our life straight from the hospital.

And now, almost fifteen months later, its finally official!

As a family, we are grateful of each of you who have prayed and been a part of this journey with us.

God is so good and He is so faithful.

Every day.

And especially today.

Glory to God!