Jacob Dillon turns 18 today!


That blows my mind!

What a great man you are Jacob Dillon.

You amaze us with your courage and compassion.

You have a heart for God and life and people like few others.

I am super proud of you and super proud to be your dad.

Keep doing what your doing.

You are a blessing to everyone who knows you and are certainly a blessing to the Kingdom of God!

Love, Dad

jacob dillon


Jacob Dillon is 16 today! 16….

Jacob you have no idea how grateful I am to be your dad. Your objectivity and insight and in-with-both-feet way of living life are qualities I aspire to. You make me a better father, a better man, a better Christian simply by being who you are. Thank you for being so very genuine, so very transparent, so very open – these are things that make you, you. I am excited to see what this next year will bring. God is faithful!

Love you buddy.

Love, Dad



Jacob Dillon turns 15 today!

How cool is that?

Jacob, your mom and I are so extremely proud of you and the young man you are. I am thankful that you work hard, love the outdoors, and are adventurous to the extreme. How you love your family and love God and are as genuine as they come. I love that you love with your whole heart, do not know halfway or half speed, and that your care for others and seek to be protective of others so very intentionally and so very well.

Happy birthday buddy!

Love, Dad


jacob helmetJacob turns the big One Four today!

One of the things I love about our family is that everyone loves birthdays.

And everyone goes out of their way to make whoever is having the birthday feel extra special.

Today was no exception.

Pool cues.  Duct tape.  Cards and cash.  Bodacious Barbecue.  Nothing Bundt Cakes.  A little mishap at Tyler State Park.

And a family effort to make the middle son feel like the center of attention (if only for a day).

jacob and bowen with lizardsJacob you bring your mom and I such joy.

I love how cool you are (and how cool you think you are).

I love your effort and your energy and your endless supply of going the distance.

I love your competitiveness and your compassion.

Your faith and your humility.

I love that you have such a good heart.

And I am so proud of the young man you are.

I have to say, I am looking forward to football season.

But most of all, I am looking forward to seeing how God will reveal Himself to others through you this 8th grade school year.

I love you Buddy!

Love, Dad

jacob dillon

I am officially the father of three teenagers!

Jacob turns 13 today!

Our middle son, who’s all in or not at all. And I love that about him….

Jacob, you make your mom and me so proud all the time!  We are so very pleased with the young man you are and the man you are becoming.  You reveal such commitment and passion in all that you are.  Thank you for your faith and faithfulness and for how you help for others to see good in everyone.  My continued prayer is that Christ would define who you are in this life.  Having confidence that with a heart like yours, He will be honored.

I love you buddy.

Love, Dad

The boys had their combined birthday dinner Saturday night at Outback (Bowen’s birthday is on the 25th).  We’ve had a relaxing day at home today.  Jacob and I went for a run this morning while Bowen and a friend rode their bikes.  The boys have played some video games, and we topped the day off with Tiersa’s homemade Mac-and Cheese and a trip to Braum’s.  Jacob got birthday cake ice-cream to celebrate the occasion.  Tomorrow… the Ranger’s game!

our jacob

The Reeves clan has had a fantastic day!

Our Jacob Dillon was baptized into Christ this morning!!!

For three days he’s told me, “Dad you’ve got to hold it together on Sunday.”  I’ve done the best I could….

What an awesome, awesome, awesome day!

Jacob I am so very proud of you.  Your heart for God and others is undeniable.  Your love for our Savior and His Kingdom is evident in everything that you are about.  I am so very thankful for your commitment to Christ and decision to radically follow Him.  A father has no greater joy than to know that his children are walking in the truth (3 Jn 4).  You make my heart smile.  Thank you for revealing faithfulness in all that you are and for committing yourself wholeheartedly to the way of Jesus.

We had all sorts of family and friends in for worship this morning.  Jalepeno Tree for lunch.  Homemade chocolate cake at our place for dessert.  God is so good!

Glory to God!


jacob dillon

Our middle boy who always in the middle of it turns 12 today.  Jacob (who more and more is going by “Jake” these days) is our adventurous, outdoorsman, athlete who’s all on all the time.  He doesn’t know half-way or half-speed.  He’s in with both feet with everything. 

Jacob’s our sensitive one.  He’s the first to reach out and the first to volunteer.  I once had a homeless man ask if I had any extra cash but I didn’t.  Jacob quickly said, “I’ve got some Dad,” and gave the man his only 15 dollars. In the moment his generosity impacted the man and me more than he could have ever thought. 

The  word that describes Jacob best is “loyal.”  He is fiercely loyal.  To his family.  To his friends.  And to God.

Jacob I love you so very much.  I am very proud of who you are and who you are becoming.  Thank you for loving God and for loving your family.  And thank you so much for just being you! 

I love you Buddy!

Love, Dad

Enchiladas (made by Tiersa) and strawberry birthday cake (made by Kacey) tonight!

We went shopping and spent Jacob’s birthday money earlier today.  He came home with a high-speed paintball gun with all the extras.  Cats and siblings beware!!!