london grace


#6 turns 4 today!

Gracie you are absolutely awesome and are such a blessing to our family.

Your heart and spirit are so very deep and amazing.

You have insight beyond your years.

May love and faithfulness always characterize your life.

I am so thankful to see and be a part of what our God is doing through your life.

“You are mine to me.”

Love, DaDa

london grace


Our Gracie turns 2 today!

London Grace. She is so much fun! She loves her family, and especially adores her daddy.

London Grace you bring such joy to our life and to our family and to everyone who knows you. I am so very honored and excited to see our Father shine bright in your life.

I love you Gus!

Love, Daddy

(I call her “Gus” for two reasons: 1) She loves Cinderella, especially the little mouse “Gus Gus,” and 2) She can definitely be a “grumpy Gus” sometimes. 😉

london grace reeves


London Grace Reeves.

“London Gracie” as Shelbi calls her.

“Gracie,” after Tiersa’s grandma.

She’s been ours for sixteen long months, but today she officially became ours!

What an amazing day!

What an amazing little girl!

We are so very blessed.

God is so very faithful.

And our Gracie is so very sweet.

For the second year in a row we’ve adopted.

For the second year in a row Judge Clark has looked to me and asked what new name we were giving a daughter.

For the second year in a row I was overwhelmed with joy.

Glory to God!