Our Bowen travis turns 17 today!

Bowen is a man of quiet strength.

Honor and integrity.

Commitment and dedication.

Bowen, thank you for being you.

Know that our Father in heaven is very pleased with you.

And that your father here on this earth certainly is as well!

Your family loves you and is very grateful for who you are.

Love, Dad



It’s hard to believe but our youngest son turns 15 today. 15. That’s just crazy!

Bowen, it is a blessing to watch you live life. Your manner and style and demeanor are things that I attempt to incorporate into my own life. Thank you for your hard work, for how unselfish you are, for the caring way you look after your family, and most of all, for your commitment and dedication to the Kingdom. God is good and He is faithful and He is evident in you!

I love you Bowen.

Love, Dad

bowen travis


Happy 14th birthday to Bowen Travis!

Bowen you are amazing. Gentle, kind, intelligent, strong. Your mom and I are so extremely proud of the young man you are, and the young man you are becoming. 

God is faithful!

Love you buddy,


our bowen

bowen baptism (2)

What a fantastic day it’s been!

Today our youngest son Bowen was baptized into Christ.

He’s known of Christ all his life.

But today, the relationship he shares with God took a giant leap!

I am so proud of my boy.

Bowen, your mom and I love you with every fiber of our hearts.

We are so very grateful for your commitment to God and to His Son and to the Kingdom,

and so excited for what our Father will no doubt accomplish through your life of faith and faithfulness.

You are such a leader among your peers and a leader in our family.

Thank you for following Jesus.

Thank you for wholeheartedly committing to our Lord.

Thank you for being God’s man.

Thank you for showing us what faith looks like.

I am so proud of you Bowen.

Love always,



Our Bowen Travis turns 13 today!bowen shake

Our strong, quiet one who was named after Tiersa’s strong, quiet grandfather, Leon Bowen.

(And so if you’re counting, that makes three teenagers, one who’s aged out of the system, and one who’ll turn one later this week.)

I call Bowen the “Silent Assassin.”

He’s reserved.  He’s methodical.  He’s our deep thinker.

He’s our resident philosopher and satirical comic.

Bowen is witty.  He’s talented.  He’s genuine.  He’s sincere.

And, quite frankly, he is one awesome kid!

boys, hats, shadesBowen, you make your mom and me super proud of you all the time.  

All the time.  

You work hard.  

You think about others.  

You encourage and uplift and inspire everyone who knows you.

Especially me.

Thank you for how true you are.

Thank you for following Jesus.

And for showing others the Way.

I am so grateful you are who you are.

I love you Bodhisattva.

Love, Dad

And now, off to Jucy’s and Braum’s!


Our youngest turns twelve today!


Bowen Travis.  Named after Tiersa’s grandpa, Leon Bowen.  A strong name from a strong man that lives on in our little boy who’s coming into his own….

Bowen is the strong silent type.  Silent until you get him one on one.  He’s always thinking.  Always analyzing.  And he’s thinking three or four steps ahead.  Which makes him a beast at chess!

He has the patience of the youngest but in many ways is mature beyond his years.

Bowen I am so very proud of you!  I am thankful for your heart for God and your heart for others.  For the young man you are and the young man you are becoming.  You demonstrate such goodness and such kindness to others.  I can always count on you to respond with compassion and grace.  I am a better dad, better husband, and better follower of Jesus because of you.  I am so grateful for your love for God and commitment to to Christ, for who we are as a family and who you are as a young man.

I love you Bowen.

Love, Dad

We celebrated the boys’ birthdays together as a family a week ago.  They chose Outback which I was not opposed to.  We also, for their birthday week, had a blast at the Ranger’s game last Tuesday.  Today we’ve spent the day together and have done a lot of playing and relaxing. Tonight, pizza and ice cream!

And so if you’re keeping track, that makes three teenagers and one pre-teen.  Luckily by the time Bowen is officially a teenager this time next year Mason will have aged out of the system….

bowen travis

I walked in the door that morning after a night at the PD.  Tiersa was soon to be leaving for Dayschool.  She met me in the kitchen and said, “We need to talk….”  “No good conversation ever started that way,” I said.  And so there she was, Jacob – who was three months old at the time on her hip – and what she said I was not expecting: “I’m pregnant….”  “Are you sure?”  “Yes I’m sure….”  Are you sure?”  “Yes I’m sure….”  Cue smile!  🙂

And so a year and five days after Jacob was born along came Bowen Travis.  We named him after Tiersa’s grandpa, Leon Bowen, who had passed away 2 years before.  A good, strong name from a good, strong man. 

Our youngest turns 11 today!  Bowen is our resident genius.  He’s got smarts like nobody’s business.  And humor.  He’s hilarious.  We’ve got degrees of funny in our house.  There’s funny funny, and sarcastic funny (I win this category hands down),  quick-witted funny, and then there’s the classification of smart funny.  Bowen takes the cake for smart funny.  No one else is even in the same league.  He loves family and video games and cheese! (and his momma’s mac and cheese) and reading and school (of all things) and Tuscan House Dressing and he likes his own space (which in a family of 6 is not always easy).  And you might be tempted to think he’s the quiet one (because he can be really reserved), but as soon as you get him one on one you soon realize this is not the case. 

I love you Bodhisattva!  Thank you for being so kind and so generous and so loving and so like Jesus.  You have such a way of making others better just for being around them.  No one knows this better than me…. 

Love, Dad


Bowen wanted oven-baked sandwiches, mac and cheese, and birthday cake for dinner.  His momma always delivers!