Blogs I Read…


Aaron Shotts, Worship With Heart

Allan StanglinThe Kingdom, the Kids, and the Cowboys

Austin Graduate School of Theology, Christian Studies

Brandon PierceA Preacher’s Bookshelf

Chris AltrockTrue North

DJ Bulls, The Bull’s Pen

Jim Martin, A Place for the God-Hungry

Jim McGuigganThink Noble Things of God

John Mark Hicks

Josh GravesExploring the Collision of Culture and Faith

Julie PowerOff the Deep End

Kirk Woltman, Kirk’s Blog

Leaven, A Journal of Christian Ministry

Leroy GarrettThe Works of Leroy Garrett

Liz MooreOne Woman’s Thoughts

Mark Love, Dei-liberations

Perry Stepp, CircleSlide

Richard BeckExperimental Theology

Rubel Shelly

Scott ElliottResurrected Living

Tiersa Reeves, See Yourself As God Sees You

Terry RushMorning Rush

Wes CrawfordCrawford Colloquy

WineskinsExploring the Heart of Restoration

Notice that the title to this page is “Blogs I Read” and not “Blogs I Always Agree With.”

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