About Jason…

reeves5My name is Jason Reeves.  I am married to the most amazing woman in the world – my beautiful wife, Tiersa, who is the most genuine, loving, caring, patient woman you will ever meet.  She loves me unreservedly; more than I could ever possibly deserve.  We have 6 wonderful children: Mason – our 21 year old, a college senior, history major, basketball player, and all around sports nut, whose soul and spirit are as deep as the ocean, and wisdom beyond his years; Kacey – our 17 year old creative genius, a high school senior, softball slugger, FFA president, whose heart is tender and spirit is strong, and who simply adores her daddy; Jacob – our 15 year old, bass drumming, free safety, who loves with his whole heart, is afraid of nothing, throws caution to the wind, and is in with both feet in everything he’s about;  Bowen – our 14 year old boy wonder, who is absolutely, unequivocally brilliant, a deep thinker, videogame guru, lights out linebacker, tuba player, who has a heart for others and sees the best in everyone; Shelbi – our beautiful, into everything, 2 year old who smiles with her eyes and brings such joy to our family, especially her daddy (pronounced dadd-EEE!), and London Grace (“Gracie”) – our beautiful, enthusiastic, 1 year old “frowner” who is so awesome and so very, very loved and so very, very LOUD!


I pray, study, ponder, discuss, argue (and that’s all before lunch); I exercise, love coffee, and enjoy family and friends. I serve as the preaching minister for the Eastridge Church of Christ in Rockwall, Texas and as an adjunct professor of Bible and ministry at Dallas Christian College.


I am a firm believer that there is within the core of every individual the longing to be a part of that which transcends.  The call of that which is greater.  A call of purpose.  Challenge.  Adventure.  Courage.  I am convinced it is the call of Christ.  And only those who are so bold as to answer will ever fully grasp its depths.


Glory to God!



(last updated 2.15)

4 thoughts on “About Jason…

  1. Daddy your the coolest daddy in the world! I love you very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much! You are smarter at Theology than Albert Einestein and he is pretty smart! Love you, Kacey

  2. I love y ou Uncle Jason!!! I miss you, Aunt Tiersa and the kids! Love you and looking forward to the next time you come over!

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