the power of words


At WE we’ve begun an emphasis on Sunday mornings of the parables and “I AM” statements of Jesus.  The common theme of the messages is: “Words That Changed the World.”  Focusing upon the ministry of our Savior and how He intentionally communicated the reality of the Kingdom to those who would hear His message.  Certainly there are those who refuse to listen.  But for those who embrace the words of our Lord, lives are forever changed.

As we’ve stated, many of our adult classes (with others to follow), as well as our high school and junior high classes, are studying the same texts each week.  Although each class has a culture and barometer all its own, our hope is that as we connect our classroom study with the messages on Sunday morning we will foster an environment of connection and unity by doing so.

Words are powerful.  They are powerful.  And among all of God’s created, human beings are the only ones who communicate with words.

Trevor Hudson articulates well, “Our words, whether spoken or written, enable us to reveal or hide ourselves, to build or to break community, to help or to hurt our neighbor.  When used carefully, words facilitate self-disclosure, foster communion, and release healing.  When used carelessly, they create confusion, generate conflict, and cultivate chaos.  Well aware of this immense potential that inhabits our words, the writer of the Proverbs exclaims without exaggeration: ‘Death and life are in the power of our words (Proverbs 18:21).”

I wonder how acutely aware you are of the power of your words?  I wonder if you are intently cognizant that enveloped within the things you say lies the power of “death and life”?

How many relationships have been completely devastated by the speaking of harmful words?  How many who were once close have been injured, wounded deeply, distanced, through selfish, harsh, or uncaring words?

On the other hand, how many lives have been forever wonderfully impacted through encouraging words?  How many have been healed through the kind words of a friend?  How many believers has God empowered to accomplish great things for the Kingdom through the comforting, assuring words of a God-sent encourager?

The power to speak death.  The power to speak life.

“Out of the overflow of the heart,” our Savior affirms, “the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45).

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “the power of words

  1. Just a thought came to my mind on reading this….I was thinking that words can also challenge, convict, and direct us into new areas of growth. These words may neither be comforting nor peaceful because they cause cognitive and spiritual dissonance which when moving towards a resolution can reshape our lives, by the grace of God, beyond our comfort zone and thus enabling growth. We were not called to always just be “nice”. We were called to lovingly point to the One who causes sorrow over sin and compells us to a life of sacrifice. Speaking as the oracles of God in words that humble and transform often involves breaking down long held mantras and perceptions..painful experiences…but as you stated…healing experiences.

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