life between sundays

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Spending time in prayer and in study and in silence before God, engaging in intentional spiritual disciplines, and committing ourselves to a rhythm of discipleship that naturally facilitates balance and simplicity in a life filled with complexity, is such a Christ-like way to live.

But if I had to guess, if anyone gets cheated, it’s God.  (And you.  And those that need you.)

As resurrected people we live life between Sundays.  We yearn for Sunday because on Sunday we commune with God the Father, Son, and Spirit, and we commune with one another as His church.  But the design of covenant is such that we experience communion with God in every facet of life.  Our worship of God on Sunday is diametrically impacted (either positively or negatively) through our worship of Him during the week.  Our communal worship works in tandem with our spiritual practice.  Worship on Sunday is not the culmination of our week but rather works in synergy with the fundamental practice of spiritual disciplines throughout the week.  The goal of which is a holistic way of living a life that honors the Father, and a way of life that looks more and more like Jesus.

We think of ourselves as being in pursuit of God.  And prayerfully we are.  But when we consume the wonder into our hearts that it is He who pursues us, the transformative reality of covenant relationship and living in sync with Him radically changes everything.

“Let heaven fill your thoughts.” – Colossians 3:2a (NLT)

What conversations, practices, and disciplines allow “heaven to fill your thoughts” as you live life between Sundays?

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “life between sundays

  1. Accepting and admitting I am broken and that it’s ok along with learning to love people unconditionally has given me new energy and excitement about congregational worship. Somewhere along the way I feel victim to the “3 times a week gospel” and missed out on accepting loved and being loving. It’s still a challenge but the closer I get to accepting His love and the more I love others the way Christ calls me to love, the more excited I am to gather with brothers and sisters on Sunday.

  2. I enjoy the fact that God specifically gives me opportunities for touch points and encounters with people in the world throughout the week that have nothing to do with those I see on Sunday. People constantly amaze me with their love, encouragement, mercy and kindness and they teach me so much. I am truly blessed by this interaction! Sunday on the other hand, is where I worship and recharge for the days in between in the presence a community of believers.

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