Our Bowen Travis turns 13 today!bowen shake

Our strong, quiet one who was named after Tiersa’s strong, quiet grandfather, Leon Bowen.

(And so if you’re counting, that makes three teenagers, one who’s aged out of the system, and one who’ll turn one later this week.)

I call Bowen the “Silent Assassin.”

He’s reserved.  He’s methodical.  He’s our deep thinker.

He’s our resident philosopher and satirical comic.

Bowen is witty.  He’s talented.  He’s genuine.  He’s sincere.

And, quite frankly, he is one awesome kid!

boys, hats, shadesBowen, you make your mom and me super proud of you all the time.  

All the time.  

You work hard.  

You think about others.  

You encourage and uplift and inspire everyone who knows you.

Especially me.

Thank you for how true you are.

Thank you for following Jesus.

And for showing others the Way.

I am so grateful you are who you are.

I love you Bodhisattva.

Love, Dad

And now, off to Jucy’s and Braum’s!

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