spiritual oxygen

windOur bodies require oxygen.  I’ve heard of some who have argued that a glass of water can wake you up in the morning just as well as a cup of coffee because of the oxygen in the water (I of course do not buy this argument and would never think of starting the day without a cup of coffee, but to each his own….  And isn’t there oxygen, in the water, in the coffee?).  But it is a simple, physiological truth, the body requires oxygen.  An abundance of it.  When we take a deep breath, oxygen fills our lungs, and then floods the central nervous system, circulatory system, etc. with life.  When our bodies are oxygen depleted we do not function to our fullest capacity (those associated with the Tour de France can explain this well).  Without breathing in oxygen the body dies.  And without an abundance of oxygen the body suffers.

The Hebrew word for breath is “ruack.”  The Greek word for it is “pneuma.”  Would it surprise you that these same words (that can be translated “breath”) are also the very words that are translated “Spirit”?  The Spirit of God breathing life at creation.  The Spirit of God breathing life at baptism.  The Spirit of God renewing, empowering, uplifting, filling, flooding the body of Christ with spiritual oxygen today.

goldfish in fishbowlWithout an abundance of oxygen the body suffers.  The body of Christ requires spiritual oxygen.  When we find ourselves (as individuals or as a church) in need of renewal, in need of revival, where do we turn?  To whom do we turn?  The Spirit of God gives life.

James 2:26, “The body without the Spirit is dead.”

Romans 8:11, “If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life (spiritual life) to your mortal bodies through His Spirit, who gives you life.”

When was the last time that you prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill you?  To breathe life into you?  To renew Christ’s church?  To bring about revival?  To flood the body of Christ with spiritual oxygen?

I wonder what would happen if each of us would pray that prayer and if we were truly open to that prayer being answered?

Glory to God!


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