it’s supposed to be overflowing

half empty, half full“How’s life?” someone will ask.  “How are things?”  “Well, you know… I’ve got this worry, I’ve got this concern, I’ve got this stress.  My car’s not fast enough.  My portfolio isn’t impressive enough.  I couldn’t find a good parking spot at Salsarita’s and had to walk 50 feet.  I can’t take that trip to Europe until next year….”

And somehow, we, the ransomed people of God, those who have been saved, resurrected from lifeless life, by and through the cross and resurrection of Jesus, somehow, the body of Christ can’t see past the end of our nose.

Somehow we’re blind to the transformative reality we’ve encountered in Jesus and we immerse ourselves in the world rather than the Kingdom.

Consider the emotion of God.  The heart of God.  How do you think God feels when His chosen share more political (pro- or anti-) posts on Facebook than they share anything encouraging or centered upon the Kingdom?  Or when His redeemed share things that belittle?  Or when His sanctified share things that are unholy?  Go and look at your wall (yes, I’m still talking about FB or any other social media) and see what it reveals about you.  What it reveals about who you are.  What it reveals about what is important to you.

Toy Easter ChickMaybe that’s not you.  Ok.  What do you talk to your friends about?  Where do you take your conversations?  Our conversations and where we lead those conversations say a great deal about where are hearts are.  “Out of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45).  What does your mouth say about your heart?  Do you spend more time talking about the weather or Jesus?  The stock market or the Kingdom?  Obamacare or the God who cares?

It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re clucking with the chickens.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Because for those who follow Jesus, it’s supposed to be overflowing!

Glory to God!


3 thoughts on “it’s supposed to be overflowing

  1. It’s supposed to be, isn’t it? I wonder how much of the teaching we have taken in over our lives leads us to the point where we not only overflow, we feel empty. Our culture is performance oriented and I have experienced where it has bled over into the churches I have attended. For many years, I tried to live up to God’s expectations and felt failure when I didn’t over and over. For people like me, feeling failure over and over while being told I need to get a gold star for attendance and knowing my many verses and not using bad words and not controlling my flesh…it leads to a feeling of failure and shame and emptiness. After 48 years of live and 9 months of unemployment it has led to a faith crisis. Have I displeased God so badly that He is preventing me from finding a job? Is He ignoring my prayers? Am I praying just because I don’t know what else to do? Am I trusting God just because I don’t know who else to trust? Isn’t that a failure?

    Then a friend said this to me, “God is thrilled when you trust Him because you don’t know who else to trust. God is thrilled when you pray to Him because you have no where else to turn.” My friend began to help me see that through the trials of life, my faith in God is what I hold on to. Then it hit me. Ever since I first prayed in 2006 for God to reveal Himself to me, my life has been full of hard, deeply painful, gut wrenching, faith testing times. I have lost almost everything in this world that I thought was important but I still have God. Could it be He has led me on a journey to quit worrying about gold stars and attendance and memory verses and drop the shame of mistakes and simply cling to relationship with Him? Could it be that He has let me experience, and continue to experience, pain so that I draw closer to Him? How I wish I could say my faith was unwavering because it is not. Still, as weak as it is at times, as I feel like I’m in the shadow of the valley of death one moment and on the mountain top the next, it is my faith that I cling to that binds my relationship with God.

    How I hope to be overflowing with faith one day. How I hope that His love oozes from me at each moment of the day to everyone who comes in contact with me. How I hope that my relationship with Him is everything and my performance mentality is a distant memory. I know the journey won’t be without more hurts, more pain, more scary times but I hope those days only continue to increase my faith and deepen my love for God as I learn to experience His love for me.

  2. What a genuine, honest, powerful testimony! Thank you, my friend, for sharing. God honors faithfulness. I believe it with my whole heart. He honors faithfulness. Thank you for your genuineness and authenticity. It is in our darkest hour that our Father does His best work.

    Psalm 121:1-2 I think fits what you are saying: “I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from. My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” If we lift our eyes to the hills in search of God, where are we standing? We are standing in the valley below. When we stand in the valley of the shadow of death and turn to the mountain of God, He is faithful. And again, He honors faithfulness.

    Glory to God!


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