reevaluate. refocus. reengage.

focusI think most families find themselves looking forward to summertime.  I know ours does.  The kids are out of school.  Vacation time is planned.  Youth excursions are in the works.  Trips to grandma and grandpa’s are scheduled.  Relationships are renewed.  Memories are made.

Bald spots are soon worn in the front yard where first, second, third base and home plate are (this drives my OCD nature crazy but Tiersa assures me that when we’re through raising kids I can concentrate on raising grass).  Something just seems to be different about summertime.  It does for me at least.  It’s a bit of a reprieve from the busyness (and chaos) of the school year.  Maybe it’s simply where we are in life.  But with where I sit right now it sure seems that even though there’s a lot planned for the summer, there’s also a whole lot of potential as well.

evaluateBut the fact remains: “potential” and $1.25 will get you a Coke.  It’s not simply that the potential is there.  It’s what we do with that potential that’s important.

One of the things that I dearly love, love, love about Jesus is we way He communicated.  With anyone and everyone His timing (and I envision, tone) was perfect.  He knew exactly when to turn over tables and precisely when to write in the sand.  He knew emphatically what needed to be communicated so as to reflect the Kingdom in the most genuine, brilliant way.  Often, His response was not anything at all what we’d expect.  But exactly what needed to be said.  And I just love that about our Lord!

house of cardsIn Mark 2 when His disciples are questioned as to their fidelity to the Sabbath, Jesus instructs, “The Sabbath was made for mankind, not mankind for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27).  He takes us back to Creation and says the whole meaning, the whole purpose in this, is not that humanity was created for Sabbath, but rather that Sabbath was meant for, it was created for, mankind.  Left to ourselves we become enveloped in ourselves.  In life.  We get lost in our busyness.  We hide in our busyness.  And in the end not only is God cheated, we cheat ourselves, and we cheat those He has entrusted us with.  The potential is there.  But are we doing anything with it?

Can you identify some things that need to change in your life or in the life of your family?  Some things that are not going the way that God desires or intends?  Perhaps the very thing you need to do this summer is first, to slow down.  To take a step back.  And then, to reevaluate, refocus, and reengage.

Glory to God!


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