kacey truckMy beautiful daughter turns 16 today!

That means a driver’s license, a truck, a little more rope, and whole lot of faith.

But I don’t worry about Kacey.

I don’t.

She’s got her mother’s intuition and brains (and maybe a bit of her stubbornness as well), and she’s one of the most disciplined, strongest, faithful people I know.

And I just don’t worry about her.

kacey lightKacey you are beautiful and wonderful and creative and diligent and talented, and did I say wonderful already?….

Thank you for being you.  

Thank you for your faithfulness to God and to your family.  

Thank you for your hard work in school and sports.

Thank you for investing so much of yourself into our family.  

Thank you for going running and kayaking and especially shopping with your old man.

Thank you for loving me.

You make me so proud of you just for being you.

Love, Dad

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