as winter gives way to springtime

daisies on whiteI’ve been doing a lot of running on the road lately.  During the week I’ll run from the FLC, through downtown, cut over to College Ave., down to Bergfeld Park, around the park a time or three, and then Broadway all the way back to downtown.

This time of year the Azalea District is beautiful.  It’s the second week of May and everything is green and in bloom.  As I ran this morning both the weather and the scenery were absolutely perfect.

Poppies in a MeadowA few months ago however, the Azalea District didn’t look like it does now.  The trees were lifeless.  The grass was brown.  The flowers were nonexistent.  Dead leaves covered the ground.  Harsh wind and cold rain was more the norm than sunshine.

I wonder where you are spiritually right now?  Which one of these contrasts portrays your heart before God as you read this?  Or are you somewhere in between?

As winter gives way to springtime the weather will often go back and forth.  Warm for a few days and then another cold snap.  Nourishing, healing rain and then, an unexpected freeze that sends many out to cover their azaleas (or roses, this is Tyler you know).

Dew on Green GrassToo often we waver in our faith and faithfulness.  Teeter-tottering between winter and spring.

Through Jesus we are called to spiritually live in the springtime.  As we thrive in Christ.  As we grow spiritually.  As we are spiritually filled and nourished by Him.  Leaving winter behind.

And so here’s my question: What’s holding you back?

Glory to God!


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