outside the box


This Sunday at WE we begin a weekly study of the book of James.  I believe that James is an often overlooked letter.  For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem that much of our conversation centers on this letter from Jesus’ brother.  And I really don’t know why….

We often speak of reaching out to the lost.  We often consider how we might impact the world around us.  We often engage in discussion as to how the relevance of Christ might be readily evident in us as His people.  And yet, somehow, no dialogue from the book of James.

James is a letter of faith.  It is a letter of action.  It is a letter of practicality.  And it is a letter of relevance.  Isn’t that the answer to communicating the message of the Gospel in what many cultural anthropologists are calling a “post-Christian” culture?

Faith.  Action.  Practicality.  Relevance.

I’m excited about our journeying together side-by-side through this powerful, wonderful, often overlooked, letter.

James will ask, “Are you facing difficulties in life?  Does everything seem to be coming apart at the seams?”  And then contend, “Let me point you to the One who is bigger than all of that!”

James will probe, “Oh, you think you’re a follower of Jesus because you believe?  Big, whoop-de-do!  Faith is more than belief.  It is opening your eyes and doing something that’s beyond yourself.”

James will question, “Who are you fooling?  You claim to be a disciple of our Lord and yet still have areas of your life that you’ve failed to give Him Lordship over?  Does that really sound like discipleship to you?”

We’re going to call our study: “Outside the Box.”  Because James opens our hearts and minds to a whole other world.  A radical faith that simply cannot be contained.

Glory to God!


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