heaven came down

Referee Blowing WhistleMy kids know my whistle.  I don’t necessarily whistle all that loudly or all that long.  But if I want to get their attention amidst distraction, I just whistle.  When we’re all in the Family Life Center on Wednesday evenings and there are people talking and kids everywhere and I need to get one of my boy’s attention in the sea of children on the basketball court, I just whistle, and their heads turn.  Not in a fearful way or a worrisome way.  They just know my whistle.  When we’re at home and they’re playing outside with other kids, and in one of their friend’s back yard, and Tiersa and I need them to come home, I just step out on the front porch and whistle, and I soon here a, “Coming!…” from a few houses down.  The whistle is sort of like “Heads up!” or “Hey, look this direction!”

clouds sunshineJohn the Baptist came proclaiming the Kingdom is at hand!  The Kingdom is close.  The Kingdom is near.  Heads up!  Pay attention!  It’s near!  The Kingdom is near!  And then, the Kingdom (the reign and rule of God) is made a reality in Jesus.

As the old hymn declares, “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.”

The Kingdom of heaven.  The reign of God as His Spirit rains down upon human hearts through divine will.  The Kingdom of heaven.  Heaven coming down.  Glory filling our souls.

bullhornThat’s our reality.  Here’s my question: What was John’s role?  What is John the Baptist’s task in this?  Fulfilling the will and purpose of God?  Yes.  “A voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him” (Mt 3:3)?  Absolutely.  But ultimately, John’s God-ordained position is to announce.  To call attention.  “Heads up!”  “Hey, look this direction!” (cf. Jn 1:29,35).   “Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is near!” (Mt 3:2).  The Kingdom is near!  Heaven is coming down!

Calling people wherever they were in life to come, and to be a part of the Kingdom.

Our role, our task, our purpose is the same….  To call people wherever they are in life to come, and to be a part of the Kingdom of heaven.

Glory to God!


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