friendship day 2013

friendshipdaySLIDEFriendship Day will soon be here!  February 17th.  One week from Sunday.

Friendship Day generates an opportunity for us to invite and encourage others to come and worship with us at WE.  It provides an avenue that we might ask others to come and share the Lord with us.  It creates an atmosphere of energy as we are all striving together toward a common event and common goal.  And it uplifts us as God works in the hearts of those who call this church their “home” and as He ministers to the hearts of those who are visiting with us on the day.

On February 17th we will also unpack a vision for the West Erwin Church of Christ that we pray will grant us renewed focus as we each minister courageously and effectively in the Kingdom of God.

I ask you to continue to pray for our day together.  To pray that the goodness of God and wonder of His Kingdom would be evident in all that we are about on Friendship Day.  I ask that you encourage others to come and share in our worship, as we praise our Father together, and as we connect and fellowship with one another.

There are cards available at the visitor’s center (please take as many as you’d like this Sunday) that provide the schedule of the day, as well as contact information.  Classes @ 9am.  Worship @ 10am.  Lunch provided in the Family Life Center immediately following worship.  No evening services.  Small groups meeting that evening.  All with the intentional goal in mind of revival and blessing.  Striving to live closer to our God.

I leave you with these words from AW Tozer, “Revival and blessing come to the Church when we stop looking at a picture of God and look at God Himself.  Revival comes when, no longer satisfied just to know about a God in history, we meet the conditions of finding Him in living, personal experience.”

Glory to God!


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