adoration, praise, relevance, and commitment

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If I were a relatively unchurched individual and we were talking about the relevance of faith, how would you convince me of the commitment that you have to Christ?

Our first response is generally either one of orthodoxy or orthopraxy?  “Orthodoxy” meaning “right doctrine.”  “Orthopraxy” meaning “right practice.”  Whichever one we begin with in our explanation (either orthodoxy or orthopraxy) we generally follow with an invested pursuit of the other (which makes perfect sense by the way).

But if I were a person who had little to no previous exposure to the Christian faith, and you and I were going to walk through the commitment that you have to Christ, to the Christian faith, to the church family that you have invested yourself into and who has invested into you, and if you were going to speak to the impact faith has upon every aspect of your life – What would you share with me?

Perhaps you’d begin with a desire to be faithful to God.  Faithful to His Word.  Faithful to your calling.  Faithful to the relationship that He grants through Jesus.  Surely you’d tell me of the change salvation brings to your life.  A change of heart.  A change of priorities.  A change of perspective.  Maybe you’d speak to me of transformation.  The continual transformation that you experience day after day.  The transformation that you’ve witnessed in the lives of others.

When speaking specifically to the concept of commitment to our Savior and to His people, in order for faith to be seen as real and relevant to others (whether to those who are churched or unchurched) it must come from deep within us.

We sing the song Listen to Our Hearts, “How do you explain?  How do you describe?  A love that goes from East to West?  And runs as deep as it is wide?”  And then, as the chorus declares to our God, “So listen to our hearts.  Hear our spirits sing.  A song of faith that flows.  From those you have redeemed.  We will use the words we know to tell you what an awesome God you are, but words are not enough, to tell you of our love, so listen to our hearts.”

The adoration and praise of the Father; a life that adores and praises our Father; a church that adores and praises our Father; is undeniable, relevant, and real when it comes from deep within.

Glory to God!


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