when all of life becomes prayer

man prayingAs we embark upon a new year together, I wonder what sort of resolutions have been made among us?  I wonder what sort of changes those of us who call the West Erwin Church of Christ our “home” have in mind to make in the year 2013?

The beginning of a new year grants us an opportunity to reflect.  An opportunity to consider the previous year.  Who we are.  Where we are at in life.  What we are doing well.  And what areas of life we are failing in.

woman prayingNot everyone takes advantage of this fresh start.  To many January 1st is no different from December 31st.  Certainly we have the opportunity to make changes every day.  Every moment.  But sometimes, taking advantage of an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and say, “From this point forward things are going to be different” proves monumental.

So here’s my question: What if we became known as a people of prayer?  What if prayer was definitive rather than supportive?  What if a life of prayer characterized you and me?

It seems to me that the Apostle Paul leads us to a reality of all of life encompassed within prayer (1 Thess 5:17).  To a point in time when all of life becomes prayer.  When prayer and connectedness to God becomes such a natural assimilation of who we are that we become a people of prayer.

tattered bibleCould we integrate a commitment to prayer and to being a people of prayer into our thoughts and actions this new year as a church?  Would you commit with me to praying bold prayers?  Prayers from the heart.  Prayers of reliance and praise and submission.  Could we dedicate intentional effort to being men and women, individuals and families, who live lives characterized by prayer?

Because only when all of life becomes prayer will we begin to see the Kingdom break in all around us in epic, radical, profound ways.

Glory to God!


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