disconnected frustration

Are we faithful to God because our innermost desire is to be faithful to Him?  Are we faithful to God because we experience a closeness and tranquility with Him that we have come to conclude exists in no other?  Are we faithful to God because unfaithfulness would create angst and turmoil in our divine connection to Him?  Are we faithful to God because faithfulness pleases Him?

I am seldom more frustrated than when my cellphone drops a call.  I was driving back to Tyler from Waco yesterday afternoon, trying to talk to Tiersa, when my phone disconnected the call about ten times in a two minute time period.  I seriously, seriously thought about tossing the phone out of the window!

There is a disconnect that exists between religion and faith.  There is a smugness and ego that Satan utilizes to lull Christ followers into thinking that somehow we’ve arrived.  Somehow we’ve got it all together.  Somehow we’ve got it figured out (and think that through… somehow we can have God figured out?!).  That somehow if we’re “following the rules” (our understanding of the rules) we’re living up to God’s desire for our lives.  This immature perspective of faith is ultimately fueled by Satan.  Because if he can con us into thinking that relationship with God is a system of belief, or a structure of “do’s” and “don’ts,” we will never reach our potential as those who have been forever transformed by the message of Jesus.  As those who are continually transformed by the Spirit of Christ.

Relationship is deeper.  Love and adoration in a relationship come not from that which is external, but rather, from that which is deep within the heart.  The same is true of any relationship.  But especially in our relationship with God.  Genuine.  Whole-hearted.  Deep faith.  Abiding faith.  Maturity of faith is what we’re after.

This disconnect not only negatively impacts us.  How can we communicate the relevance of connection to Christ with others if its relevance is lost on us?  And if the unchurched have one complaint it is that the church is not relevant.  Is it possible that we have some responsibility in that?

Glory to God!


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