a few personal questions

Whether you realize it or not, you are the face of Christ to everyone who knows you.  When you placed faith in Him, you took on the role of Jesus revealing.  This might come as a surprise to you.  You may have thought that it was all about salvation.  You may have only understood it to be about your own personal relationship with God.  Far from it.  Think it through.  How selfish would that be?  That we could somehow be content to keep God hoarded to ourselves.  Surely we’re not that self-absorbed.  Surely we don’t ever think that way.  Do we?

If we are truly “converted” in the biblical, transformative sense of the word, how is it that we can find it so very easy, so very often, not to share this way of life that allegedly defines us as a people?  If we are truly followers of the Way, if we are “all in” and Jesus defines our way of life, how is it that there is any doubt that we live our lives near Him?  When others look to faith, lived out in us, do they fall in love with the One we call Lord?

Allow me to ask a few personal questions: How has your spouse’s journey of faith been impacted recently because of your love of God and others?  Does she (or he) genuinely see Jesus living in you?  Is it evident to them that the Spirit is at work in transforming your heart?  What about your children?  How has their commitment to the Kingdom been influenced in recent history due to the way that they’ve seen you honor our Father?  Tell me, if I were to have a conversation with your friend Ben from work that you have $1 tacos with every Wednesday, would he say that he is closer to God because of the relationship the two of you share?

If the answers to these questions lack zeal or conviction or clarity, then allow me to probe a bit deeper into the faith you profess in Jesus….

Is it that your faith is not genuine?  I realize the question may sting a little.  But it’s a valid question to ask, is it not?  Might it be that you’re faking it?  Even if others are fooled, can you at least admit to God that you’ve been playing church?

If not, is it that your faith is simply not a priority?  This is perhaps a more palatable explanation.  Could it be that somehow what you feel inside doesn’t translate into life or into action?  But if this is the case, can what is within you really be referred to as “faith”?

Or, is it that you don’t really believe Jesus to be relevant?  Maybe your relationship with God through Christ is all in your head.  Salvation is a system of do’s and don’ts.  Covenant is an intellectual exercise.  Rather than the paradigm of life God desires.

I wonder… do others go out of their way to spend time with you because it is evident that you spend time with Jesus?  Do they gravitate toward you (and in turn, the Kingdom) because they sense something in your life that they are lacking?  Do you reveal Christ in living your life?  Do you speak hope in a world riven with despair?  If the answers to these questions are “No,” my next question is: “Why not?”

Glory to God!


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