Our youngest turns twelve today!


Bowen Travis.  Named after Tiersa’s grandpa, Leon Bowen.  A strong name from a strong man that lives on in our little boy who’s coming into his own….

Bowen is the strong silent type.  Silent until you get him one on one.  He’s always thinking.  Always analyzing.  And he’s thinking three or four steps ahead.  Which makes him a beast at chess!

He has the patience of the youngest but in many ways is mature beyond his years.

Bowen I am so very proud of you!  I am thankful for your heart for God and your heart for others.  For the young man you are and the young man you are becoming.  You demonstrate such goodness and such kindness to others.  I can always count on you to respond with compassion and grace.  I am a better dad, better husband, and better follower of Jesus because of you.  I am so grateful for your love for God and commitment to to Christ, for who we are as a family and who you are as a young man.

I love you Bowen.

Love, Dad

We celebrated the boys’ birthdays together as a family a week ago.  They chose Outback which I was not opposed to.  We also, for their birthday week, had a blast at the Ranger’s game last Tuesday.  Today we’ve spent the day together and have done a lot of playing and relaxing. Tonight, pizza and ice cream!

And so if you’re keeping track, that makes three teenagers and one pre-teen.  Luckily by the time Bowen is officially a teenager this time next year Mason will have aged out of the system….

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