jacob dillon

I am officially the father of three teenagers!

Jacob turns 13 today!

Our middle son, who’s all in or not at all. And I love that about him….

Jacob, you make your mom and me so proud all the time!  We are so very pleased with the young man you are and the man you are becoming.  You reveal such commitment and passion in all that you are.  Thank you for your faith and faithfulness and for how you help for others to see good in everyone.  My continued prayer is that Christ would define who you are in this life.  Having confidence that with a heart like yours, He will be honored.

I love you buddy.

Love, Dad

The boys had their combined birthday dinner Saturday night at Outback (Bowen’s birthday is on the 25th).  We’ve had a relaxing day at home today.  Jacob and I went for a run this morning while Bowen and a friend rode their bikes.  The boys have played some video games, and we topped the day off with Tiersa’s homemade Mac-and Cheese and a trip to Braum’s.  Jacob got birthday cake ice-cream to celebrate the occasion.  Tomorrow… the Ranger’s game!

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