our jacob

The Reeves clan has had a fantastic day!

Our Jacob Dillon was baptized into Christ this morning!!!

For three days he’s told me, “Dad you’ve got to hold it together on Sunday.”  I’ve done the best I could….

What an awesome, awesome, awesome day!

Jacob I am so very proud of you.  Your heart for God and others is undeniable.  Your love for our Savior and His Kingdom is evident in everything that you are about.  I am so very thankful for your commitment to Christ and decision to radically follow Him.  A father has no greater joy than to know that his children are walking in the truth (3 Jn 4).  You make my heart smile.  Thank you for revealing faithfulness in all that you are and for committing yourself wholeheartedly to the way of Jesus.

We had all sorts of family and friends in for worship this morning.  Jalepeno Tree for lunch.  Homemade chocolate cake at our place for dessert.  God is so good!

Glory to God!


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