who’s to blame

A lot has been said about Chick-Fil-A and the events of last week.  Personally, I think two things happened on the 1st.  One good.  The other not….

First, I think a whole lot of Christians (who would not have otherwise) all came together for a common goal (that’s good).

But secondly, because of that, many in the homosexual community, in the process of it all, become further alienated from the Kingdom of God (that’s not).

We can’t loose sight of who’s to blame here.  We have to keep in perspective who the enemy is.  The enemy is not those who are homosexual.  Because those who are gay need Jesus just like you do, and just like I do.  They don’t somehow need Him more.  We, each and every one of us, need Him the same.  We can’t loose sight that the enemy in all of this is Satan, who is so very good at what he does.

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “who’s to blame

  1. I commented after service this morning, that I thought the way that you touched on the events of this past week was well said. It’s amazing to me how people sitting right next to each other in the pew, received the message differently. One suggested that your meaning was acceptance, while another thought that we should not be telling homosexuals that they are going to hell. I stated that I didn’t hear that coming from your message, but stated that what I heard was that Satan is the enemy,and that no matter what the sin, we should encourage one another. Teach the truth and correct with love, for we all sin, and homosexuality is no worse than any other. Why pick the splinter out of another persons eye while we have a plank in our own. I still say, that way to much attention was drawn to such a small statement. Satan really knows how to grasp the little things that are said, and before you know it a powder keg is ignited, dividing people with hate and further from the Kingdom of God.

  2. I touched on this yesterday. I am turn by it. For me the topic was not homosexuality but rather freedom of speech. That being said I challenged the church here who claim that the worldly society around us (including homosexuals) is causing the destruction of our society to think about that statement. We live in a country today where Christians are ok with dishonest business, adultary and lust have infiltrated the church, biblical ignorance is at an all time high, and 50% of straight marriages are ending in divorce. We cannot pass off all blame to a single group of people because we as the church is not carrying out our responsibility as we should.

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