as fear gives way to faith

“The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?” – Psalm 27:1

I believe fear drives us more than we are aware.  It drives our lives, it drives our relationships, it drives our churches more than we’d ever like to believe.

When children are small they’re often afraid of the dark.  Maybe it’s a fear of the unknown or an internal fear of darkness, but many kids (and not a few adults) are afraid of the dark.  And it’s amazing how a dim, little light plugged into the wall can put those concerns so at ease.

And so David in Psalm 27 writes as fear gives way to faith.  Boldness, because of the God we serve.  “The Lord is my light,” he declares.  He is our light!  And not just some puny Walmart night-light.  The Lord is the sun that scatters the darkness in our lives.  David continues, “The Lord is my salvation.”  He is the One who rescues and the One who saves.  “Whom shall I fear?” he asks.  And look at how personal David’s words are: He is “my” light and “my” salvation.  The Psalm originates out of the trust and reliance of David upon God.  A trust that has grown through experiencing the power and provision of Almighty God time and time again.  “The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?”  Only when we are close to Him, are we completely protected.  Only when we reside in Him, can we fully be at peace.

I wonder what fears you have today?

I wonder what might be weighing upon your heart or upon your mind this moment?

  • The fear of not being enough.
  • The fear of inadequacy.
  • The fear of being left out.
  • The fear of rejection.
  • The fear of past sins.
  • The fear of present worries.
  • The fear of an unknown and uncertain future.
  • The fear of being found out that you aren’t who others think you are.
  • The fear of (fill in the blank)….

If you can relate to fear, may I speak a word of hope to you today?  God is God!  He is strong.  And He is faithful.  365 times in Scripture He declares to his people, “Do not be afraid.”  365 times!  One for every day of the year.  And I believe the reason He affirms this command to us so many, many times is that we need to hear it!  We need to be reminded.

God’s desire is that fear would give way to faith in the lives of those who belong to Him in Jesus.

Do not be afraid!

Glory to God!


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