authentic witness

Authentic Witness “is the practice of genuine presence with, sensitivity to, modeling for, and then sharing with others about one’s deepest beliefs, values, and hopes” (p171).

In Dissident Discipleship Augsburger defines Authentic Witness as “faithful presence.”

Authenticity is crucial in the life of the Christian and directly impacts not only the believer’s life, but within the lives of those with whom we minister.

The Christian faith is radically revealed in the way in which we live.  To live a life characterized by faith.  To reveal Jesus in every aspect of who we are.  Especially when it comes to intimate, personal relationships with others. Again, Augsburger’s definition of “faithful presence.”

The Lordship of Christ and our fidelity to the cause of Christ is powerfully made manifest in our  Authentic Witness.  The goal of which, ultimately, is such that though our discipleship (through our presence) others will be discipled as well.

Glory to God!


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