tenacious serenity

The next aspect pursued in Dissident Discipleship is what Augsburger calls Tenacious Serenity.

He describes Tenacious Serenity as “willing obedience.”

It is “the quality of yielded fortitude, of surrendered steadfastness that stays the course, commits the soul, and relinquishes the self to what is truly good, what is ultimately prized, what is the will of God” (p85).  Read that again….

Tenacious Serenity is a two-sided coin.  As we encounter Christ and as we engage in authentic discipleship, we are called to be active in living out our lives of faith.  Life is only truly lived when it is lived in such a way as to honor Christ as Lord.  Intentionality is so very crucial.  And only when we surrender ourselves completely to the sovereign will of God, will calm and peace truly be experienced.  Perhaps the peace that passes/transcends all understanding that the Apostle Paul shared with us in Philippians 4 is critically connected to the idea of Tenacious Serenity.

Trusting in God demands a willful submission to Him.  As well as an unyielding response to the Gospel of Christ.

When we are and when we do, our daily walk reveals a God-filled, God-designed, God-given, God-ordained serenity of life that is unequaled, unrivaled, and impossible to attain elsewhere.

Glory to God!


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