Our God is so very good and so very wonderful and so very phenomenal.

Surely as mature believers we have come to know these realities intimately?

The Apostle John begins his first letter, “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have looked at and our hands have touched – this we proclaim concerning the Word of Life.”

John is writing out of his experience.  “I know these things to be true.  You can believe my testimony in regard to the Messiah.  Because I’ve experienced Him in my life.  I’ve heard Him.  Seen Him.  Been in close proximity to Him.  Experienced life with Him.  And because of all this, I have something to say….”

What an overwhelming Sunday we had last week as a church!  Especially as we unpacked our upcoming 24 Hours of Prayer!  What an overwhelming, rewarding beginning to what will no doubt be a day of blessing and power and grace and forgiveness and healing, and will no doubt set into motion mountains cast into the sea!

Keep the requests coming.  Put some thought into them.  Search your heart, and search the heart of God, as we pray with and for one another here in this place.  Make sure to sign up for a block of time.  See any of our ministry team to do so.  Our relationships with others and within our own families will certainly be blessed as we invest ourselves in one another’s lives through this wonderful event.  Friday May 4th @ 8am through Saturday May 5th @ 7am.  And what better way to wrap up a time of 24 Hours of Prayer than by having breakfast, sharing, and praying with one another, together on Saturday morning at 8am? (And what better to eat on Cinco de Mayo than breakfast tacos?)

Good.  Wonderful.  Phenomenal.  Describe our God so very well.  May His goodness, His wonder, and His phenomenalness (rejected by spellcheck, but I like it!) surround this church in an amazing way through our investment into the lives of one another and through our investment into His Kingdom, as we pray for and with one other on May 4th and May 5th.

Glory to God!


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