to jason…

Happy Birthday, Love.

You spent your 18th birthday helping my parents move… at the time, I was so busy thinking how cute you were, I am not sure I recognized how much you sacrificed for me.  You have not stopped.  When I think about our life together, I feel nothing but overwhelming adoration.  Your commitment and love for me and our babies are a gift. I praise God for our relationship, for your heart that seeks true intimacy with God, for your faithfulness, your strength, your arms that hold me tight at just the right time, your eyes and sweet, crooked smile (and all the different things that smile means),for how important my heart is to you, for your love of coffee, for your sweet texts, for how you protect me, for how you can make me blush with just a look,  for how we cry together and laugh together, for how beautiful you are to me, for how you love me imperfections and all, for how smart you are, for your muscles!  You are my hero hottie of a husband and I love you.  So, to that sweet boy, who kissed me goodnight on the porch I say, Happy Birthday!  Love, Tiersa

Dear Dad,

So it’s your birthday, wow you’re getting old! I’m sorry I’m not gonna be able to be with you today, but I get to see you next week! Thank you so much for being such a amazing influence in my life and for always being there and for giving me your all. I love you and I hope you have a great birthday!

Love, Mason

Happy Birthday, Cracka!!

Thank you for putting up with me even when I am not that nice at times ❤ I love you and I hope you have a great day! and enjoy your coffee.

Love, Kacey

Dear Dad,

I want to start out saying that if someone said “I have the best dad in the world” I would nicely say that I was sorry, but my dad is probably a lot better that theirs!  I love you and thank God in prayer for you.  You and me go everywhere together.  Even if it is 6:00 in the morning you would let me go to your bible study.  Thanks, Dad.  Happy Birthday!  I love you!

Love, Buddy

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  You are the best dad in the world.  You are slow to anger and are understanding.  Thank you for every burnt meal, every sip of coffee, spoonful of cereal, and get out of a spanking free card you have given me.  I’m glad you’re my dad.

Love, Bowen

3 thoughts on “to jason…

  1. How awesome, awesome, awesome is that!? My wonderful wife hacks into my blog and the family blogs on my birthday, about me. Absolutely awesome! God is good! Thank you Love. Thank you Mason, Kacey, Jacob, and Bowen….

  2. OK — This made me tear up! What a special way to celebrate your birthday. You are truly blessed in so many ways — and 5 of those blessings posted in this blog. May you have many more “awesome, awesome, awesome” birthdays. 😀

  3. Thanks for allowing me to peek into your private messages! You are surrounded by the love of your family. God has blessed all of us at Eastridge to have you present His words to us each time you stand in front of us. May you enjoy many, many more birthdays such as this one! Love you, Jason

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