only love can grieve

“Because He is loving and kind the Holy Spirit of God may be grieved.  He can be grieved because He is loving, and there must be love present before there can be grief.

Suppose you had a seventeen year old son who began to go bad.  He rejected your counsel and wanted to take things into his own hands.  Suppose he joined up with a young stranger from another part of the city and they got into trouble.  You were called down to the police station.  Your boy and the other boy whom you’ve never seen before both sit there in handcuffs.  How would you feel inside?  You would be sorry for the other boy but you don’t love him because you don’t know him.  But with your own son your grief would penetrate to your heart like a sword.  Only love can grieve.

And if those two boys were sent off to prison you might pity the boy you didn’t know, but you would grieve over your own boy.  Why?  Because you love him.  A parent can grieve because they love.  If you do not love you cannot grieve.

When the Scripture says, ‘Do not grieve the Holy Spirit’ (Ephesians 4:30) it is telling us that God loves us so much so that when we insult Him, He is grieved; when we ignore Him, He is grieved; when we resist Him, He is grieved; and when we doubt Him, He is grieved.”  – AW Tozer (The Counselor, p49).

Glory to God!


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