memorial stones

Like many of you, Tiersa and I did some travelling over the holidays.  It’s really one stop shopping for us since most all of our family lives in the Metroplex.  We drove in on Thursday and had dinner with some close friends.  We spent the day relaxing on Friday and then made the rounds on Saturday.  Tiersa’s parent’s house on Saturday morning.  My parent’s on Saturday afternoon.  Tiersa’s grandmother and then my grandmother’s on Saturday evening (I’m tired just thinking about it). Tiersa and I drove back to Tyler Saturday night while the kiddos stayed with my parents.  But after worship on Sunday morning we made our way back to the Metroplex, for one more day of family togetherness.  Monday evening we had coffee with friends and then made our trek home once again (but if you listen closely there are angels singing because – at the time of this writing – the kids are still with grandparents!).

The Christian life is a journey.  We travel.  We journey through life.  And along the journey we bear witness to and testify to the God we serve.

As Israel crosses into the Promised Land (Joshua 4) God instructs for twelve stones to be taken from the Jordan riverbed and constructed into a monument.  These memorial stones were to serve as a reminder.  So that in generations to come when their children and children’s children and children’s children’s children asked what the stones represented – they served as a reminder of the journey of God’s people and the way in which God had blessed His people along the journey, staying true to His promises and true to His Word, as they crossed into the Land of Promise.

As we live life we each have our own memorial stones.  Moments in time we can point to and share the goodness of the Lord and the ways in which our God has blessed us, challenged us, forgiven us, and shaped us.  Moments along the journey where the promises and Word of God have rung true.  Moments that provide opportunity to share the majesty and love of our Father.

I would advocate we also create memorial stones in the lives of one another….  Aren’t there those who have strengthened you and encouraged you along your journey of faith?  Certainly there are!  And isn’t that the way God has designed His church?  That we would serve as reminders to one another of the wonder of the God we serve?

Glory to God!


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