four questions

Let me ask you four questions:

1) What is your view of God?  By this I mean how do you understand God?  His character.  His nature.  His being.  His purpose.  His Kingdom.  How do you envision God?  Big picture?

2) How excited are you about God?  How excited are you about what God has done?  About what He’s doing?  In your life.  Through your life.  In the lives of others.  Are you so very excited and do you anticipate God showing up in life?  Do you wake up in the morning excited about what God is going to do, having no clue what that might be, but knowing it’s going to be amazing?

3) Does God intrigue you?  Does He intrigue you?  How interested in God and His Kingdom and in the Way of Jesus are you?  Is there any mystery left in your approach to Him?  Any intrigue?  Or do you have Almighty God confined to a nice, neat little box of religion?

4) How connected are you to God?  Are you connected to God?  Plugged in?  Is there any disconnect in your relationship with Him?  Is it truly relationship and not ritual?  Do you constantly sense closeness with Him?  Nearness to Him?  Continual communion with Him through Jesus?

Vision.  Excitement.  Intrigue.  Anticipation.  Connection.  Does these words describe your view of the Kingdom and your relationship with God?

Because the answers to these four questions tell us very little about Him, but speak volumes about us.

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “four questions

  1. My view of God is becoming limitless. I used to think I could sum it up in a few words and now I run out of words to describe him. It’s only been through stepping back to allow him to work in me that the concepts I can imagine have expanded. One of the concepts I still cling to that I learned going through counseling is “slow”. I never pegged God for being slow, and he’s not in his concept of time but only in mine.
    My excitement ebbs and flows as my focus ebbs and flows. When I’m really tied in to what God will do through me, my excitement is over the top. When I’m bogged down in the details of life and just moving through the day like a zombie, it wains.
    Intrigue isn’t the right word. Blows my mind is more like it. They mystery continues to grow in how he sees things and works in all situations. Sometimes I see it clearly. Sometimes I don’t know that his plan will be revealed in my lifetime.
    I want constant connection with God but I know that I’m the one who breaks the connection at times. Focused on what I want. Lured by something that would seemingly make me happy now. On the other hand, the connection is stronger and lasting longer at this point in my life than ever before and for that I am thankful.

  2. If we can concede that God is without limits, then we must also concede the only limits are the ones we place on Him.

    Good hearing from you Jeff! Hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving.

    Glory to God!


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