for those who preach….

“In the front pews the older ladies turn up their hearing aids, and a young lady slips her six year old daughter a Lifesaver and a Magic Marker.  A college sophomore home for vacation, who is there because he was dragged there, slumps forward with his chin in his hand.  The vice president of a bank who twice that week has seriously contemplated suicide places a hymnal in the rack.  A pregnant girl feels the life stir inside her.  A high school math teacher, who for twenty years has managed to keep his homosexuality a secret for the most part even from himself, creases his order of service down the center and tucks it under his knee.  The preacher pulls the little cord that turns on the lectern light and deals out his note cards like a riverboat gambler.  The stakes have never been higher.” – Frederick Buechner, Telling the Truth

Glory to God!


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