bowen travis

I walked in the door that morning after a night at the PD.  Tiersa was soon to be leaving for Dayschool.  She met me in the kitchen and said, “We need to talk….”  “No good conversation ever started that way,” I said.  And so there she was, Jacob – who was three months old at the time on her hip – and what she said I was not expecting: “I’m pregnant….”  “Are you sure?”  “Yes I’m sure….”  Are you sure?”  “Yes I’m sure….”  Cue smile!  🙂

And so a year and five days after Jacob was born along came Bowen Travis.  We named him after Tiersa’s grandpa, Leon Bowen, who had passed away 2 years before.  A good, strong name from a good, strong man. 

Our youngest turns 11 today!  Bowen is our resident genius.  He’s got smarts like nobody’s business.  And humor.  He’s hilarious.  We’ve got degrees of funny in our house.  There’s funny funny, and sarcastic funny (I win this category hands down),  quick-witted funny, and then there’s the classification of smart funny.  Bowen takes the cake for smart funny.  No one else is even in the same league.  He loves family and video games and cheese! (and his momma’s mac and cheese) and reading and school (of all things) and Tuscan House Dressing and he likes his own space (which in a family of 6 is not always easy).  And you might be tempted to think he’s the quiet one (because he can be really reserved), but as soon as you get him one on one you soon realize this is not the case. 

I love you Bodhisattva!  Thank you for being so kind and so generous and so loving and so like Jesus.  You have such a way of making others better just for being around them.  No one knows this better than me…. 

Love, Dad


Bowen wanted oven-baked sandwiches, mac and cheese, and birthday cake for dinner.  His momma always delivers!

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