jacob dillon

Our middle boy who always in the middle of it turns 12 today.  Jacob (who more and more is going by “Jake” these days) is our adventurous, outdoorsman, athlete who’s all on all the time.  He doesn’t know half-way or half-speed.  He’s in with both feet with everything. 

Jacob’s our sensitive one.  He’s the first to reach out and the first to volunteer.  I once had a homeless man ask if I had any extra cash but I didn’t.  Jacob quickly said, “I’ve got some Dad,” and gave the man his only 15 dollars. In the moment his generosity impacted the man and me more than he could have ever thought. 

The  word that describes Jacob best is “loyal.”  He is fiercely loyal.  To his family.  To his friends.  And to God.

Jacob I love you so very much.  I am very proud of who you are and who you are becoming.  Thank you for loving God and for loving your family.  And thank you so much for just being you! 

I love you Buddy!

Love, Dad

Enchiladas (made by Tiersa) and strawberry birthday cake (made by Kacey) tonight!

We went shopping and spent Jacob’s birthday money earlier today.  He came home with a high-speed paintball gun with all the extras.  Cats and siblings beware!!!

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