bold prayers

I believe that there are safe prayers and there are bold prayers.  “Father, please bless my life.”  “Take care of my family.”  “Grant us a good day.”  Good prayers… but safe prayers.

Bold prayers dig deeper.  They lay our lives before the Sovereign Lord in such a way so as to hold nothing back and give ourselves fully over to Him….  “God make me into your instrument.”  “Create within me the heart of Jesus.”  “Father do with me and my life what you will.”  “Grant me courage and strength and faith so that in every way you may be glorified through me.”  Bold prayers!

How intentional are we when we pray?  Are we conscious of what we are saying?  Are our words spoken out of desire for divine deliverance?  Words spoken out of total reliance upon God?  Do the words we share with God convey our desire that we might unequivocally accomplish His will and purpose in and through the lives He’s blessed us to live – no matter what?

Here’s what I see with Jesus: every word, every action, every thought, every facet of His life was lived with intentionality and with resolve.  There was no doubt!  His reason, His being, His purpose – all encompassed within His single-mindedness of who we was and what He was about.

As believers I wonder if that’s what is seen in us.  Or rather, I wonder if our intentionality and resolve is evident in everything that we are about?  I believe a crucial, central component of this is revealed in our prayer life.  We can tell a lot about ourselves, our mindset, and our hearts through our prayers.

How often do you pray?  (Be honest with yourself).  Just you and God?  Do you pray with your children?  Do you pray with your spouse?  Men, do you take the lead?  Do you pray specifically on behalf of others?  (And do they know that you pray for them?).  Do they come to you because they know that you are a man or woman of prayer?  Do you pour out your heart to God when you pray?

And when you pray, do you pray bold prayers? 

I had a very good friend, Ron Bozell, who passed away from Leukemia last December.  Ron was a faithful man of God and a man of prayer.  When he prayed it was the outpouring of his heart.  His prayer life was an extension of who he was (and who he is to those who knew him).  Over and over and over again, Ron would say: “Prayer moves the hands that move the world!”  And not only did he say it, he meant it….

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “bold prayers

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on prayer and certainly squirmed at the reminder of how much I pray (or fail to pray). I would add a bold prayer to your list – one where I say nothing but simply listen for God to speak into me. It is something I have done more and more of in the past 2 years and believe I have made exponential strides forward in knowing God’s heart and desire for me because of it. I spent 40 years talking to God and not listening even though he was the one to give me two ears and one mouth. Even though those are physical things, I believe it applies spiritually as well. I’ve also found it harder to sit in silence and to force thoughts out of my head for 15 or 30 or 60 minutes than it is to tell God all the things I want him to do. But it’s so powerful for me to do.

  2. I agree! Silence before Him certainly fits into the “bold prayer” category. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing Jeff.

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