the cause of redemption

“God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Love is a quality that we develop.  We learn how to love.  We learn love from our parents and grandparents.  We learn love from those who love us along the way.  As we fall in love and marry we learn to love our spouse and learn love from our spouse.  Tiersa and I have in many ways “grown up” together because we came to know one another at such a young age.  As we look into our newborn children’s eyes for the first time we experience a love that gives us such insight into the love of God (although we’re certainly content to let grandma and grandpa give us a rest as often as they like!).  Through life, through experience, through trial and error at times, we learn how to better love – and what it means to love.

And yet we often wonder, “How could God love us?” Or perhaps even closer to home, “How could God love me?” But I think as honest as these questions are, they don’t quite have a full grasp of God’s love.  Or, the reality that the Apostle John unveils to us: “God is love” (1 John 4:8,16).  Love is not a quality that God has learned.  Love is who God is.  God reveals love because He is love.

God does not love us because we are easy or difficult to love (although through relationship we oftentimes find ourselves either closer to God or distanced from Him – but this is our doing, not His!). God loves us because He is God. He is love. Love is who He is. Love is His character. His nature. The reality that God is love is as unchanging as He is. God’s love is not drawn out of Him by us, rather, it flows from Him constantly.  Steadily. Why? Because God is love.

“God so loved…” (John 3:16) not because we were loveable, but because He is love. Christ did not die for the world so that God might then love us. Christ died because God loves us. He died as the ultimate revelation and realization of God’s love for us. Love is not the result of redemption, it is the cause of it….

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “the cause of redemption

  1. Hi Jason. I think we know some of the same people.

    I’ve struggled with understanding God’s love because I haven’t lived as love myself. I have framed my image of God based on my actions, feelings and thoughts instead of framing my actions, feeling and thoughts on the image God has of me. I hope each day I will better understand that God is love and learn to live in the example of his son.

  2. Jeff, so very good to meet you. To contemplate the depth of God’s love…. His love compels us (me) every moment as we seek to be those He’d have us to be in this life. Thank you so very much for the thoughts you’ve shared and for your heart for the Kingdom.

    Glory to God!


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