relentless pursuit

For all of its immenseness (yes it’s a word – all I had to do was hit “ignore” on spell-check!) the Bible, although a lifetime of study only scratches the surface, entails an extremely simple story.

God creates humanity.  Humanity rejects God.  God relentlessly pursues humanity.

The overarching story of Scripture is the redemptive work of a God who would not let us go. 

Whatever the expanse between us and God, He will traverse the gap.  

Our God is a pursuing God.

He pursues us with His grace, with His mercy, with His love. 

The Gospel message itself is of a God who relentlessly pursues us through Jesus.

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “relentless pursuit

  1. Yes, but the story involves more than divine pursuit. God actually catches and takes possession of his people. And let’s not forget the end of the story when God ushers in the new heavens and earth– a new creation for his people.

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