Christian cannibalism

Contemporaries of the early church rumbled of cannibalism among the believers.  These followers of Christ spoke of “eating the flesh” and “drinking the blood” of their Savior.  Sounds pretty cannibal to me.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus teaches that unless one eats His flesh and drinks His blood the believer has no life (spiritual life).  There is certainly a divine connection with Jesus’ statements in John 6 (“eat my flesh, drink my blood”) with the instruction in the Upper Room and with the Christian Communion, but I wonder if what Jesus is saying doesn’t run a bit deeper?

Jesus’ claims come right after His declaration as the “Bread of Life.”  What if Jesus were saying that His disciples must feed on Him?  (He is!)  What if Jesus were saying that to truly be His we must be sustained by Him?  (That’s what He’s calling us to!)  “Look to me for your life,” He calls.  “Come to me to be filled,” He demands, for everything else fails to fill us. 

Discipleship at a very basic level is Christian cannibalism. 

Glory to God!


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