sunday is coming!

Where do we go when the world caves in?

How do we begin to make sense of tragedy?

To whom do we turn in our most difficult moments?

Some events are defining moments in our lives.   They affect us so very profoundly.   So very deeply.

There are some things that cause us to question.

Some things that occur in this flawed world in which we live, that compel us to cry out to God and to ask Him, “Why?”

To call out to Him when darkness veils the sun, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

And yet out of the darkness God speaks and light appears.

And it is precisely within our darkest moments that our God is nearest to us.   As He comforts our hearts.   As He heals our hurt.   As He grants us peace.   As we come to Him and lay our burdens at His feet, trusting that He is sovereign and that He alone is God.

As we come to our Father and as He brings us near to Himself through Christ….

Found etched on a wall within the Flossenberg prison, one of Nazi Germany’s most heinous concentration camps, were these words: I believe in the sun, even when it does not shine, I believe in love, even when it is not expressed, and I believe in God, even when He is silent.

Trust in God.   He is there.   Out of darkness God speaks and light appears.  Sunday is coming!

Strength and Honor.

Glory to God!


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