let the chains fall away

My beautiful bride and I leave for Tulsa Town today.  Our annual trip to the Tulsa Workshop.  We’re so very excited.  This years theme: “Let the Chains Fall Away!”

We’ll be blessed by Terry Rush.  Challenged by Jeff Walling.  Convicted by Randy Harris. 

We’ll get to spend some needed time with one another.  We’ll share with Allan and Carrie-Anne.  We’ll pal around with friends in ministry, many we only see face to face once a year.  We’ll worship with thousands and pray with those with whom we are close. 

After several years of discussion, it was at the Workshop in 2004 that we finally made the decision to transition into ministry.  It was seven years ago this week that we finally pulled the trigger.  We had been at the Workshop all week, and on Sunday morning went to worship at the Memorial Drive Church.  At the end of his message, Terry said: “I know that there are those here who already minister in many ways.  And some of you have even thought about and talked about full-time vocational ministry (he had my attention)….  If that’s you could I talk to you for a minute?  Would you stop talking about it and just do it???” 

I just put my head down.  That was it.  Without me saying a word Tiersa leaned over and whispered, “When are you resigning from the department?” 

And so every year we come back.  Every year we reflect upon our journey thus far and talk about the journey ahead.  We refocus.  We recommit.  And we come home renewed and excited about what God is going to accomplish in our lives next.  Whatever that is….

Glory to God!


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