prodigal God

I love the story of the Prodigal Son.  In Luke 15 the good doctor records for us three brilliant parables of Christ. Three which were lost.  The Lost Sheep.  The Lost Coin. And the Lost Son. Three beautiful stories of that which was once lost and, in the end, is found. What follows when that which lost becomes found? Rejoicing! Overwhelming rejoicing! Awesome!

The culmination of the three parables is the third and final: the Lost Son. The Prodigal Son. The Wasteful Son.  The one who threw it all away. The most profound moment in the parable comes about halfway through. It’s the moment that the son “comes to his senses.” How amazing! Isn’t that what our Father wants? For us to come to our senses? And then as the son returns home, the father runs to meet him and redeems him from himself, from his sin. It’s a powerful portrait of the cross!

And so last week I read Timothy Keller’s The Prodigal God. So powerful! Keller’s thesis is that it’s not the son who’s the prodigal…. It’s God! He defines prodigal as: recklessly extravagant; having spent everything. The Prodigal Son is a story of the Prodigal God. A God who is recklessly extravagant with His love.  With His grace. The very definition of the Gospel story is of a God who has spent everything.

Our God is a Prodigal God!

How amazing!

Glory to God!


2 thoughts on “prodigal God

  1. Great read. I read it about 3 weeks ago at the recommendation of a shepherd friend at Saturn Road in Garland. Looking forward to hearing you again on April 17. Will you be at Tulsa next week?

  2. Thanks Ray! We will indeed be at the Workshop next week. Looking forward to sharing on the 17th as well!

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